Download our OAH app for iPhones.

Download our OAH app for Android phones.

When you open the App for the first time, please click “allow notifications” so that you can receive appointment reminders and be notified for upcoming vaccinations due.  Then click on the “Menu” on the top left of the screen.  On the next screen you will find  “Log In.”  This will prompt you to register with the App, and allow our Pet Sync to work!  See Below under Pet Sync.

What can the Oldwick Animal Hospital App do for you?   Here are some of the features:

Appointment Requests

Request appointments whenever it is convenient for you.  Each request is sent to our email account and we will follow up to secure the appointment.

Food/Rx Requests

Send in orders to refill prescription food and medications. And, if it’s easier, simply upload a photo of your product!  

Selfie Shots 

Upload a photo of your pet, along with a bio, and submit it through the app. With your permission, we will publish it on our Facebook page, add it to this website, and use it as a reference in our medical records.

Pet Sync     

oahappWith Pet Sync, you can pair your app with our hospital. At any time, you will be able to access vaccination due dates, and upcoming appointments or services.   In order for the data to work, you must create an account with the same email on file in the practice software.  An email will be sent to that email address.  Click the link to verify your identity. To determine the status of the data connection on a device, open the app and click on Account & Settings.  You will see one of the following:

  1. Verify your email.  This means you have not verified your identity.  Click to resend the link.  Check your spam if you cannot find the email.
  2. No records found.  This means the app can’t find the account in our software.  Make sure the email is the same in the app and in the software first.  It has to be exactly the same (including caps and spelling).
  3. You are connected.  This is what we want it to say.  Your pet information will automatically download into your App.

Auto Remind

Your app will send custom automatic notifications with reminders of upcoming appointments, upcoming services due, and lapsed services.

Push Notifications

Keep your Push Notifications turned on.  Notifications are used to send you automatic reminders for upcoming appointments, or vaccinations due.  We will also use them for important notifications such as hospital closings (or staying open during a storm). 

Instant Access

Call us, email us, or message us with the touch of a button on our app home page.  An emergency after-hours phone number for Animerge is also provided.

Cloud Based

Even if you lose or upgrade your mobile device, you will always be able to access the app.

Family Share

All members of the family can share the app, as long as the same email address is used for logging in.