drs-anna-owren-fayne-jan-cailles-and-john-heidgerdDr. Janisse Cailles and Dr. Anna Owren Fayne met in 1999 when they worked together at Animerge – emergency medicine being of high interest to them both – and Long Valley Veterinary Hospital.

The two women found that their style, work ethic, and dedication were in perfect sync,
and their personalities complemented each other well. The dream of practicing together took root.

When Dr. Cailles opened her two-doctor hospital in 2009, Dr. Owren Fayne became her natural choice as second doctor and colleague. Oldwick Animal Hospital has become a wonderful environment for them to provide the professional, compassionate care in which they believe.

To maintain this level of care, and increase convenience for our clients, Dr. John Heidgerd joined our medical team in the spring of 2013. Dr. Cailles and Dr. Heidgerd have been friends for over twenty years, and the two met while working together at Martinsville Veterinary Hospital.

As wonderful professional partners, all feel that the addition of Dr. Heidgerd to the team has brought even greater strength to the practice’s solid foundation. With two doctors available daily, we can better accommodate our clients’ busy schedules, while still providing uncompromised care to our patients.

Janisse Cailles, VMD
Anna Owren Fayne, VMD
John Heidgerd, VMD
Kerry Scholz, DVM